Led by a dedicated group of student volunteers, the College Cognoscenti complement the traditional campus tour and admissions presentation by providing in-depth knowledge about what it means to be in the University of Pennsylvania's College of Arts and Sciences from an academic and co-curricular perspective.

We give daily presentations to prospective families in small groups about the College's curriculum, interaction with faculty, getting help when you need it, and engaging outside of the traditional classroom (which is huge at Penn!). We talk about our personal experiences as students from diverse perspectives, representing the humanities, natural and social sciences on each presentation team.

In addition to on-campus presentations, the Cognoscenti student blog provides an inside perspective for students who can't make it to Penn, or who want to keep learning about Penn after they've visited.

Anyone considering the University of Pennsylvania is encouraged to contact individual members with specific questions, or ask a more general question using our contact page. Thanks for visiting us, and we hope to meet you soon!



Pronunciation: [kon-yuh-shen-tee, kog-nuh-] from Latin cognoscent- first known use: 1776

: persons who have superior knowledge and understanding of a particular field, esp. in the fine arts, literature, and sciences