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Brooke R, C'19

Hometown: Los Angeles, California  
MajorHealth and Societies, Minor: Consumer Psychology
Campus Involvement: Women's Club Soccer, PennGreen, QSA, Penn Student Design
Favorite thing about Penn: is the diversity of classes that I've had the opportunity to take here. I've found myself enjoying classes that I wouldn't have imagined enjoying in high school. It's brought me a lot of joy to learn such unique and interesting information.


Katherine F, C'19 

Hometown: Denver, CO
MajorPolitical science, Minor: Psychology
Campus Involvement: Student theatre (Front Row Theatre Company and Quadramics Theatre Company), SPEC Connaissance
Favorite thing about Penn: is the people. During my two years at Penn, I have met some truly incredible, passionate individuals. I love being surrounded by people who care about what they're studying and constantly strive to be their best, which, in turn, motivates me to pursue excellence. This innate passion within the students is further compounded by dedicated and knowledgeable professors who possess a genuine love for sharing their expertise. Penn's collection of individuals creates a dynamic, energetic atmosphere on campus, which has made my experience here so far amazing.

Patrick Z, C'18

Hometown: Lansdale, PA
MajorPolitical Science Minor: History
Campus Involvement: ice President, Kappa Sigma Fraternity; Leadership Team Member, Actively Moving Forward (AMF) grief support group; Big Brother, Big Brothers Big Sisters
Favorite thing about Penn: is how unique, motivated, and diverse the student body is. Coming from a traditional suburban Philadelphia upbringing, it has been awesome to meet people who have come to Philadelphia  from all over the world to study at such an incredible university. Interacting with motivated classmates from a number of different schools and majors has really pushed me to be the best version of myself here at Penn.

Nathan S, C'19

Hometown: Plainview, New York
Major: Physics, Economics Minor: Math
Campus Involvement: Peer Advising, West Philadelphia Tutoring Project, Society of Physics Students, Ushering
Favorite thing about Penn: The people. The professors are so accomplished that they are leaders in their respective fields, yet still approachable enough to talk about sports with over lunch. The other students at Penn are some of the most incredible and kind people I’ve ever met, and I count myself very lucky that I can call them my fellow Quakers.

Matthew S, C'18 

Hometown: Villanova, Pennsylvania
Major: Mathematical Economics
Campus Involvement: Kite and Key Society, Wharton Undergraduate Real Estate Club
Favorite thing about Penn: Philadelphia's diverse and exciting food scene! I'm always willing to offer up a recommendation!


Hannah R, C'19

Hometown: Manchester-by-the-sea, Massachusetts (like the movie!)
Major: Health and Societies, Minor: Political Science
Campus Involvement: Managing Editor of the Penn Undergraduate Law Journal, contributor to feminist publication upenn f-word, member of Write On!. 
Favorite thing about Penn: The city/food! I love going into Center City for a SoulCycle class and a fun dinner; it's a great break from the bustle of campus. I highly encourage prospective students to explore Philadelphia's restaurant scene while they're here. 


Angela I, C'18

Hometown: Fremont, California
Major: Communications, Minors: Consumer Psychology, Music
Campus Involvement: Alpha Phi Fraternity, Soundworks Tap Factory, Vice Chair for Seniors for the Penn Fund, Media coder at the Annenberg Public Policy Center
Favorite thing about Penn: The wide variety of activities that are offered. Penn makes it very easy to become involved in everything from your extracurricular interests to community service, to research. Through this range of activities, I've met people from a huge spectrum of backgrounds, and am simultaneously able to learn outside of the classroom. I'm never bored!


Stephanie W, C'18

Hometown: Newton, Massachusetts
Major: Cognitive Science
Campus Involvement: Penn Varsity Fencing, Alpha Phi Sorority, College Dean's Advisory Board.
Favorite thing about Penn: how many different groups/clubs/communities the school has to offer.  Whether it is through academics, athletics or separate clubs, I have met amazing people with very different backgrounds and interests from me.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 12.30.21 PM.png

Rachel W, C'20

Hometown: Manalapan, New Jersey
Major: Cognitive Science, Minor: Consumer Psychology
Campus Involvement: Penn Traditions, Admissions Dean's Advisory Board, Peer Advising, Hillel, Zeta Tau Alpha sorority.
Favorite thing about Penn: is its focus on interdisciplinary learning. Both my major and minor allow me to take classes across disciplines and schools, which is something that is very unique to Penn and has been fundamental to my success in college. And of course, I also love all of the incredible people at Penn!


Grace M, C'20

Hometown: Chantilly, Virginia
Major: Biological Basis of Behavior, Minors: Psychology, Medical Sociology
Campus Involvement: Quadramics Theatre Company
Favorite thing about Penn: is the contrast between the atmospheres of Philadelphia and campus. On one hand, you have access to all the resources offered by the city, from museums and historical landmarks to restaurants. With D.C. and New York only a couple hours away, you never run out of things to do. On the other hand, when you step onto Penn’s campus, you feel like you’ve escaped the city and are just in any other college town.


Ana R, C'19 

Hometown: Washington, D.C.
Major: International Relations, Minor: International Development—Political Science
Campus Involvement: Member of club soccer (position as social chair), PSA Event Planner
Favorite thing about Penn: Wide array of potential classes to take that vary across all subjects 


Olivia G, C'20

Hometown: Catawissa, Pennsylvania
Major: Mathematical Economics, Minor: Hispanic Studies
Campus Involvement: Yalla Belly Dance and Drum Troupe (social chair), Penn Vegan Society, PennGreen leader, Mr. and Ms. Penn Bodybuilding Competition.
Favorite thing about Penn: is how bustling and vibrant the campus is. There are always people walking to all of their various activities, classes, and events (and so many opportunities to get free food!). You can always find something to do on campus or exploring Philly. 

sarah g.jpg

Sarah G, C'21

Hometown: Newtown, Pennsylvania
Major/Minor: Undecided (potentially Cognitive Science with a Creative Writing minor)
Campus Involvement: Penn Hillel leadership, The Penn Review, Spoon University, Greek Life
Favorite thing about Penn: The diversity of student intellectualism on campus in a variety of different fields, and the collective motivation to make difference in the world.                                                                                                                                                                        

Kaitlyn B.jpg

Kaitlyn B, C'21

Hometown: Cherry Hill, NJ
Major: Biology, Biochemistry Minor: Journalism
Campus Involvement: Administration beat reporter for The Daily Pennsylvanian, Associate Editor for Synapse (biomedical magazine)
Favorite thing about Penn: is how much of an influence students can have in not only the campus community, but the City of Philadelphia. 



Rudmila R, C'19

Hometown: Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Major: Cognitive Science Minor: Chemistry
Campus Involvement: Penn American Red Cross, Penn Community School Student Partnerships, South Asian Women's Space, PEER, Penn Sangam
Favorite thing about Penn: the people! Everyone, from the students to the faculty to the staff, has a really interesting story, and the conversations I've had and meaningful connections I've made have opened my mind and allowed me to learn so much outside of the classroom. 

Daniel K.jpg

Daniel K, C'21

Hometown: Northville, Michigan
Major: Undecided, leaning towards BBB
Campus Involvement: MEDLIFE Penn, MAS/Pipeline, JSA Board
Favorite thing about Penn: I love how willing everyone is to help students adjusting to campus life. 





Duval C, C'20

Hometown: Manhattan Beach, California (near Los Angeles)
Major: Linguistics   Minor: Theatre Arts
Campus Involvement: student theatre (Bloomers, Stimulus Children's Theatre Company), Penn Theatre department, work study (working with Community School Student Partnerships through the Netter Center), Penn's LDSSA
Favorite thing about Penn: There are SO many things you can try.  If you want to try something completely new that  you've never done in your life, there's a place for that!