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Andrew C.

Andrew Chang is a junior studying Biochemistry in the College. He is a native of Boston but he loves Philadelphia and especially Penn's beautiful campus. His favorite thing about Penn is the incredible opportunity for student research through the network of amazing faculty.

Caitlyn R.

Caitlyn is a junior majoring in Health and Societies. She works as a physics tutor and is a volunteer at a local hospital. Caitlyn is an active member of Sigma Delta Tau sorority and the Benjamin Franklin Scholars Advisory Board as well as the Wharton Undergraduate Healthcare club.

Emma S.

Emma is a junior from Fairfield, Connecticut, studying Cognitive Science with minors in Consumer Psychology and Music. Emma is a member of Bloomers (Penn's all-female musical and sketch comedy troupe), Class Board 2016, and Sigma Kappa. She loves the exciting city life that Philadelphia has to offer. 

Jordi R.

Jordi is a junior from Holland, Michigan studying Biological Anthropology. She works at the Penn Museum as an assistant curator. Jordi is a member of Kite & Key and the Polybian society, as well as a Peer Advisor and a University Scholar doing independent research.

Michelle J.

Michelle is a junior from South Korea majoring in Communications and minoring in Consumer Psychology. Michelle is an avid member of TEDxPenn and alpha Kappa Delta Phi sorority. Her passion lies in the media industry, and besides being an integral member of the social media team, she also helps with media design on our own website!

Rachel T.

Rachel is a senior from Los Angeles, CA. She is majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Biophysics and Healthcare Management. Outside of the classroom, Rachel does research at the Perelman School of Medicine and also is a sister in sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha.

Helen N.

Helen is a sophomore from The Hague, The Netherlands. She is double majoring in Economics and Fine Arts. A creative mind and an avid designer, Helen heads the design on the new Cognoscenti logo and helps with the website aesthetics. She is also a member of TedxPenn and Counterparts, a popular A Capella group on campus.

Ibrahim B.

Ibrahim is a sophomore majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE). He is a member of Penn's Rugby team and volunteers with local high schools to assist students in college counseling. Coming from a low income Philadelphia school district, Ibrahim understands the challenges the these students face when applying to universities. He hopes to inspire, mentor, and serve as an example for students everywhere.

Karis S.

Karis is a sophomore from Tyler, TX dual majoring in English and Communications and minoring in Music. She is a singer in Counterparts, Penn A Capella group; a writer for Penn's premier fashion magazine, The Walk; and a member of FLAM Songwriting Club and Penn Music Mentoring.