City Sips and Snacks

There are two pieces of advice I always give to Penn students - 1) Spend at least one summer in Philadelphia and 2) Get off campus and experience the incredible city just a 10 minute walk away. It always shocks me when I hear Penn seniors say that they’ve never seen the Liberty Bell, or experienced the eclectic variety of stalls in Reading Terminal Market. For me, these locations (and many others, like Rittenhouse Square) are absolute staples to Philadelphia and the Philly culture. Since starting at Penn, I have spent three summers working in the city and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Without classes to stress about, my free time was spent wandering the streets of Center City and the other neighborhoods of Philadelphia. As a result, I have come to know the city very well, and without a doubt I consider it my home.

If staying on campus during the summer isn’t a possibility, then I encourage people to engage and explore the city while there here at Penn. One of the best ways to do this is to scope out in the incredible food scene the city has to offer. One of the best parts about Philadelphia is the food quality is NYC level, but at half the price. Although eating out daily is not realistic for everyone, treating yourself every once in a while to a meal off campus is definitely worth it.

One of my favorite places to study is “Le Pain Quotidien,” - a really fancy name, a fancy looking place, but good food for cheap! With three locations across the city, it’s also really easy to switch up neighbourhoods with every visit. Additionally, they all have wifi and unlimited coffee refills (what what) making it the ideal location for Sunday study session campouts. Although I wish I could partake in brunch on the daily, my bi-weekly adventures in brunch have allowed me to experience and get to know many wonderful food establishments (Day By Day, Sabrinas, Farmacia, Parc, Talula's Garden, Ant's Pants, Honey's Sit N' Eat... I could go on forever) and neighborhoods, all while eating some of the best food I’ve ever had. What more can you ask for?

-Jordi Rivera Prince '16