Food Trucks an Introduction to Penn Staple

I grew up in a rural town, so when I moved into the Quad my freshman year I was shocked to see large trucks with large lines of people alongside all up Spruce Street. Upon more investigation, I realized everyone was waiting for one of my favorite things - FOOD.  Even with that required dining plan, it will undoubtedly be difficult to resist the dining staple for Penn students that is food trucks. Philadelphia is filled with these restaurants-on-wheels, and fortunately many great trucks can be found near campus!

Although I was really skeptical at first (I mean, food from a vehicle? Not something I was used to at all), food trucks have become a common part of my daily routine. Not only are you pretty much guaranteed great food, the trucks have a bunch of advantages over the dining hall and other restaurants. First, they’re incredibly cheap. We’re talking breakfast sandwiches for less than $4, Lo Mein for $5, Falafel and rice for $5. On a college student budget, this has saved me from so many meals of beans and rice when the funds are running low. Additionally, food trucks are pretty fast - unless you’re going to a super popular truck, your wait time is usually under 5 minutes. This is perfect when you need to get food on the way to class or running from meeting to meeting (once you start getting involved in student groups!).

Food trucks also offer a ton of variety. My personal favorite food truck is the fruit truck that is parked at 37th and the north of Spruce (with the rainbow umbrella). Their smoothies are amazing, and they always overstuff their fruit salad boxes (only $5.50 for an extra large fruit salad!). Or when you’re in the mood for a gyro, you can find a cart just outside the quad, or in front of Franklin. Kim’s Chinese food is incredible too, and their truck can be found tucked in the parking lot along side of Pottruck. The accessibility, affordability, convenience and great taste make food trucks such a good option for food - be sure to check one out when you come visit!

-Jordi R.