Your Own Two Feet

One of the wonderful advantages of Philadelphia: the ability to travel the city space with your own two feet. Freedom knocks at the doors of us Penn constituents’; all you need is a pair of comfortable shoes to explore a city of cultural prowess. Here at the University of Pennsylvania, times can get stressful rather quickly in this academically rigorous institution. Homesickness will assuredly hit the masses and students tend to get into some type of funk (like at any other college)—eyelids start drooping from lack of sleep and complaints of midterms or papers become more prevalent in casual conversation. However, we are fortunate to have access to the fresh Philadelphian air, access to exploration, access to escape the stresses that accompany the Ivy League. I often take walks away from campus with a couple of friends by my side. We’ll cross the Schuylkill River on the bridge or walk along the river and immerse ourselves in the peacefulness that comes with a nice stroll. Sometimes, I walk into Center City to check out the popular shops on Walnut Street to do a little bit of retail therapy. Other times, I’ll go out to eat in the city with a few peers by my side just to get away from academics for a little while. Philadelphia provides a healthy backdrop for scholarly pursuits because, as a Penn student, you will find yourself occasionally wanting to get away from stress—something that this amazing city will give you. At Penn, you can walk your way to success.

-Karis S. '18