Hidden Gems of the Penn On-Campus Food Scene

As a busy college student, I've spent my fair share of time (and, sadly, $$$) on food that I haven't made for myself. In the process, I've learned a lot about the go-to spots for certain types of food, as well as what those very places have to offer that's unexpectedly delicious. I've compiled my top 4 Penn "Hidden Gems" in the food realm.

1) Hot Chocolate- Lil' Pop Shop

While known largely for its unique popsicle flavors like Black Sesame, Coconut Hibiscus, and Birthday Cake, Lil' Pop Shop on 44th and Locust is a campus favorite for the summer treat. But, they also have underratedly fantastic Hot Chocolate. Rich, fudgy, and great on a cold day, their Hot Chocolate is definitely not to be overlooked.

2) French Fries- Allegro

Allegro (or really, Allegro's) is the classic campus late night (or daytime, too) eatery known for its variety of pizza flavors by the slice. However, a trip to Allegro's for me is not complete without an order of their amazing french fries. The perfect balance of starchy and salty, these french fries are a low key on-campus hit. While I myself am not a cheese fan (which is a whole other discussion), word on the street is that also not to be overlooked are the mac n' cheese and mozzarella sticks.

3) Smoothies- Pottruck

If going to the gym in order to get a smoothie is wrong, then I don't want to be right. 

4) Pickles- Jimmy John's 

You may assume a sandwich shop would have decent pickles, and you may assume you wouldn't feel strongly about pickles of all foods, but these pickles are more than "good"- they exceed all expectations.

-Caitlyn R., '16