Comprehensive Guide to Pottruck

The gym can be overwhelming for anyone, whether you’re runner-up in the Mr. and Mrs. Penn Bodybuilding Competition or a resident couch potato. But Pottruck, our campus health and fitness center, is on its own level, or four levels, if you want to get technical. Centrally located at 37 th and Walnut Street, the 120,000 square foot facility contains four fitness centers, a weight room, an Olympic-size pool, a co-ed sauna, basketball courts, a three-story climbing wall, a golf simulator, fitness and Pilates studios, and even a juice bar. With so many options, it can be overwhelming just walking in the building. Where do you start? Well, let’s start by breaking it down floor-by-floor.

Lower level: Locker rooms

Pottruck’s basement includes men’s and women’s locker rooms, as well as family changing rooms. Complimentary towels are available for showering. This level also houses the entrance to the Sheerr Pool, which is used for recreation as well as various club and Varsity sports teams. The pool has an on-deck dry sauna and shower as well as a handi-accessible chair. The roped lanes are designated for slow, medium, and fast-paced swimmers. The lower level also has a massage therapy room.

Atrium Level: Katz Fitness Center, Climbing Wall, and Juice Bar

Just past the front desk, The Katz Fitness Center lines the left side of Pottruck as you enter. The center is dedicated to cardiovascular workouts with Life Fitness Cross Trainers, Treadmills, Steppers, Upright and Recumbent Bikes and Concept II Rowers. To the right is one of the most popular attractions in the facility, a 40’ climbing wall. No experience is necessary and all equipment is provided. Other features include the Energy Zone Juice Bar, where you can get a quick pre-workout granola bar if you skipped breakfast or your post-workout protein shake after a hard day’s lift. The ground level floor of Pottruck also has a big TV as well as couches, tables and chairs.

Second Floor: Fitness Center, Basketball Courts, Multi-Purpose Room, Weight Room

Pottruck’s second floor is where much of the action happens. The floor makes up another Fitness Center. There is Life Fitness cardiovascular equipment, as well as Selectorized Circuit pieces, and a stretching area, along with the Avent Basketball Courts, the Multi-Purpose Room (a hidden gem), and a weight room. The 8,000 sq. ft. Weight Room contains the biggest collection of weight lifting equipment in the building, although more lifting options can be found on the 3 rd floor, 4 th floor, or in the Multi-Purpose Room.

Third Floor: Fitness Center, Cycling Studio, Dance Studio 305, Golf Simulator, The Pilates Studio

The third floor contains another Fitness Center, also with Life Fitness Cardiovascular and Selectorized Circuit pieces. However, this Fitness Center is different as it is generally programmed as a “Quiet Floor” so there is no music playing overhead. The third floor also contains the Cycling Studio and Dance Studio 305. Finally the Golf Simulator, which features 35 World Championship Courses and includes features like shot analysis. The Pilates Studio is also located on this floor.

Fourth Floor: Fitness Center, Group Exercise and Yoga Studios

The fourth floor contains another Fitness Center with Life Fitness Cardiovascular equipment and Hammer Strength Plate Loaded equipment. This floor also has Group Exercise Studios and along with Yoga Studios.

-Eva S, C’21