Resources on Campus

Penn has a number of wonderful resources to provide students with whatever help they’re

looking for! Here are a few of my favorites:

1) Career Services: We have an AWESOME Career Services Department here at Penn! I’ve gotten so much help with resumes, cover letters, interview practice, and tips on how to utilize all of the job searching resources available to Penn students (still waiting on John Legend to reply to my email!).

2) Tutoring Center: Each semester, Penn students are guaranteed 1 hour of tutoring/week for 2 separate courses (for a total of 2 hours of tutoring). I started to take advantage of this wonderful service in my sophomore year, and have continued to use it since! It was so helpful for me to sit down with someone who had just recently taken the course I was having difficulty in, and often times things clicked when my tutor explained it to me!

3) Campus Recreation: We have a really nice fitness center at Penn! Conveniently located and with flexible hours, it’s really easy to go and get a quick work out in before class (if you’re feeling ambitious!), between classes or at the end of the day. They also have basketball courts, a pool (which I still need to take advantage of!) and delicious smoothies.

4) Civic House: Civic House is Penn’s hub for student led community service and social advocacy work. I was part of an organization called West Philadelphia Tutoring Project that is run through Civic House where I tutored a 5 th grade student in West Philadelphia in math and reading. I really enjoyed working with my tutee and traveling out into West Philadelphia, and I hope that my tutee got as much out of the experience as I did!

-Nathan S, C’19