Best Study Spots at Penn

Finding the right place on campus to study is VERY important. Here is my short list of the best places to study on or around Penn's campus!

Van Pelt Library: Popular among many students; there are always places to study. The basement has Mark’s Café, which is open pretty late so you can always get a cup of coffee or something to eat during marathon study sessions. My favorite place in VP is the 6th floor. It has windows that overlook college green with comfy chairs and plenty of outlets.

Fisher Fine Arts Library: The place to go for optimal aesthetic pleasure. Fisher is beautiful inside and out. It is a completely quiet zone so it’s perfect for your more intense studying.

Most academic buildings have spots to study; my favorites are in Levin and Annenberg (communications building).

Houston Hall: A pretty convenient study location. I typically end up there between classes. It also has Houston market in the basement which is a very popular lunch spot among students. It can get a little busy (especially during lunch hours) but there’s usually a table available. (Houston is also a very popular between-class nap spot).

High Rise Lounges: These are my favorite study spots on campus this semester, especially the 22nd-24th floors. These lounges are a little bigger and have floor-to-ceiling windows with a beautiful view of Philly (see photo attached). Plus, you have the lounge to yourself/whoever you’re studying with. The only downside is you can only get into these lounges if you live in that building or if they’re left open. But, everyone has access to the three rooftop lounges at the top of each high rise so you can still study with a view.

Coffee Shops: If you’re more into the coffee shop study environment (which I definitely am), you’re in luck! Penn is swimming in coffee shops that are all conducive to a more relaxed study environment. There are four (yes four) Starbucks on or immediately surrounding campus (including one that accepts dining dollars). My favorite is the one on 34th and Chestnut because it has a little more space and is usually less busy. In addition to these, there are other cafes including: United by Blue, Saxby’s, Hubbub, and Joe’s Café.

BONUS – Center City Studying: My favorite thing about this semester is that every Tuesday I get to go into the city to see my little for Big Brothers Big Sisters. I usually stay in the city for a few hours to study away from campus. My favorite spots are Parliament Café, the Starbucks and Saxby’s at Rittenhouse, Nook Bakery and Coffee Bar, and the Saxby’s at 18th and Chestnut. For when the weather gets warmer, Rittenhouse Square and Logan Circle are nice places to study (and dog watch all the adorable canines of Philadelphia!).

-Grace M, C'20