Get Off Campus!

One thing that I love about Penn is its perfect location- Penn is located about a mile from Center City (downtown). My college experience has been great so far; however, I do occasionally become stressed from the academic pressure. One of my favorite things to do when  I am feeling stressed is to just leave campus and explore Philadelphia. 

Like most first-semester freshmen students, I was too nervous to wander far from campus- partly due to a fear of the unknown. One day, an RA in my freshman dorm suggested I explore Philly whenever I need a break from campus. Despite being nervous, I took her advice, hopped on the Eastbound trolley to Center City, and got away from campus. Since then, I have convinced my friends to do the same, and whenever we are collectively stressed, we grab a bite to eat off campus or we walk along the Schuylkill River that leads into Center City. 

There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, shops, and historical sites in Philadelphia, and my go-to off campus study spot is Good Karma Cafe on 23rd and Walnut Street. It is a nice spot to drink a latte while studying for a test. Nothing makes a college student perk up more than hearing the words “Do you want to eat?” There are loads of trendy restaurants in Philly; however, like most college students, I am broke 75% of the time. There are many inexpensive restaurants in this city- including my favorite place to grab a cheap bite- Alice’s Pizza on 15th Street. Conveniently, there are plenty of shops in Center City as well. Philadelphia is a wonderful city full of life, and exploring the city with my friends has been one of the many highlights of my time here at Penn. 

- Ami I.